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Project Info:

Project Representative:
Project Representative:


(example: New website for "www.MyCompanyName.com")
(example: "www.MyCompanyName.com")



Expectations & Agreements:

To be fair, transparent, and to keep the project running smoothly and successfully, Bailiwick Marketing would like to help set expectations by suggesting the following agreements.

We hope that you, our valued client, will find these expectations and agreements fair and reasonable. If you disagree with any of these items, let's keep the communication open and find a compromise to help achieve maximum success for the project.


1.) Primary means of communication for the project will be: 1.) eMail, 2.) phone/video call. (NOTE: text messages are discouraged).
2.) Project Meetings (Phone/Zoom) will be scheduled via Bailiwick's online calendar (client can easily reserve available date/time for next meeting).
3.) Office hours for Bailiwick are 8:00 AM to 5:00 PM EST, M-F. Phone calls and/or emails received after hours will be answered on the next business day (if urgent, Bailiwick will respond ASAP).
4.) Project meetings (phone, video conference, in-person) will follow the scheduled number of meetings per the Approved Proposal for the Project. Additional meetings/calls are welcomed, and will be invoiced separately at Bailiwick's standard hourly rates.
5.) Required content and information for the project (copy/text, images/graphics, account information, etc.) will be submitted by the client to Bailiwick in a "Timely Manner", to avoid delay of the project.
6.) If client pauses or delays the project, Bailiwick reserves the right to reschedule the project based on Bailiwick's current workload, which may result in revising the completion date of the project.
7.) Regarding Copyrighted materials: Client acknowledges that any/all artwork (including but not limited to; images, photos, renderings, etc.) that client provides to Bailiwick Marketing, LLC, is owned by Client, or Client has written permission from the owner to use it.
8.) When making design requests to Bailiwick, client will be specific, avoiding vagueness (which promotes misunderstandings).
9.) Some design/formatting requests for the website and/or eCommerce platform (including eCommerce auto-generated emails), may include custom coding and may be considered outside of the original scope of work, and may be invoiced as "Additional Work" added to the original scope.
10.) Invoices from Bailiwick may be sent: On the 1st of the month / when the project is Substantially Complete / at Project Completion.
11.) Invoices from Bailiwick will be calculated based on a percentage of work completed within the billing cycle of the agreed upon scope.
12.) Payment for the invoiced amount is due upon receipt.


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